Organisational chart

SOMLIT depends on a network of Marine Research Stations and Laboratories (herein ‘stations’) distributed along France’s metropolitan coast. The personnel ensuring its operations are affiliated to the (often jointly-run) Research Units and Service Units associated with the Marine Research Stations and Laboratories. The SOMLIT network coordinates the common observation activities that have been accredited by the CNRS-INSU.

Cross-cutting activities are coordinated at the national level. Each station and cross-cutting activity has a designated scientific manager. Scientific managers work together with the national coordinator. The latter is responsible for coordinating, leading and representing the network. SOMLIT benefits from ILICO’s overarching scientific advisory board (mutualised with other networks).

SOMLIT organisational chart

SOMLIT and its environment

SOMLIT is one of the networks of the Research Infrastructure ILICO. It has deep relationship with the SNO MOOSE (Mediterranean Ocean Observing Systeme on Environment), PHYTOBS (phytoplankton observatory) and COAST-HF (Coastal OceAn observing SysTem – High Frequency).

The SOMLIT team during the intercomparison at Marseille (October 2022)