Parameters and protocols

Parameters, their units and associated data series are listed below.

SOMLIT parameters

Given the significant diversity of coastal ecosystems (oligotrophic, eutrophic, estuarine… zones) where SOMLIT’s stations are located, it is paramount that strict and common guidelines be established with regards to parameters and measurement methods. SOMLIT’s protocols were designed accordingly and are conceived to address the variable logistical means available (especially for sea). Common sampling and analysis protocols are based both on recognised disciplinary standards and on the expertise and experience of the research teams involved. Advances in measurement techniques and equipment are regularly integrated into SOMLIT’s accredited processes.

In order to harmonise practices at a national level we produce protocols and procedures approved by the entire SOMLIT community. While local specifications/specificities exist: they are minimal and approved by the national quality manager. Practices are documented and are updated annually. The analysis protocols are available below. The whole environmental data acquisition strategy is carried out within the framework of the SOMLIT quality system.

Protocoles d’analyses
pH protocol
O2 protocol
Nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, silicate protocol
Ammonium protocol
Particulate suspended matter protocol
Chlorophyll a protocol
Particulate organic carbone and nitrogen protocol
delta13C and delta15N protocol
Picoplankton and nanoplankton protocol